Katie Parker Has A Bandcamp! (Original Music)



I made a Bandcamp (finally)! I have two full original songs up and available to buy for $0.99 each (or more if you’re feelin’ generous), or just check ‘em out and have a listen! I’m writing some new material too, so hopefully I’ll have more up soon.  

Please check it out and show your friends! Since I’ve graduated from college, I’ve decided to start taking my music more seriously since I have the time and it’s something that makes me genuinely happy; I’d love all the support and feedback I can get.

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Osaki Nana.

Untitled auf We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/127512516
Illustration by Wolfgang Wissing


Nana 002
Nana meeting Nana, Part II/III
60’s Indian pulp books for their wild covers